As a small to medium-sized merchant, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a must do. Thankfully, in partnership with Trustwave┬«, we’ve simplified the process of getting you certified. Leveraging Trustwave’s flagship compliance solution, TrustKeeper┬«, you can easily complete the two below components required for PCI DSS certification.

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire: This is a set of required questions regarding your data security posture, to ensure you are processing cards in a secure manner.

Network Vulnerability Scanning: Depending on how you process payments and how you connect to the Internet (DSL, Cable Modem, Dial-up, etc.), this scan may be necessary.

In addition to helping merchants with the mandated compliance for PCI DSS, Century provides on-going value for merchants.

Century Payments Program Components
  • On-demand PCI SAQ (customized based on how you process transactions)
  • PCI DSS Assistant (24/7 support from Trustwave)
  • Security policies and procedures documentation
  • TrustKeeper agent-automated compliance monitoring (up to three devices)
  • Monthly vulnerability scanning (up to three IPs)
  • Six directed ad-hoc vulnerability scans
  • Web content monitoring
  • $50,000 data breach protection

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