Century Payments specializes in creating and operating mutually beneficial Referral Partner programs focused on generating revenue through merchant services (credit card processing) leads.

  • Increase Revenue: Leverage our unique economic offer (Bounty, Recurring Residual, Subsidize Cost of POS HW, SW or Subscription Fees) to allow you to drive new sales, increase merchant retention, generate an alternative revenue stream from your core business.
  • Product Bundling: We will provide hundreds of dollars for each activated account, which can be used to subsidize your POS’s purchasing fees, ongoing subscription costs or kept as bottom line profit.
  • Guaranteed Savings: With our wholesale buy rates, on average merchants see a 10 to 20 percent savings in credit card fees along with the Next Day funding benefits.
  • World-Class Customer Service: Our customer service model ensures your customers receive dedicated resources to meet the tactical and strategic needs 24/7/365.
  • Simple to Deploy: The referral partner model provides you an opportunity to simply refer leads to a dedicated landing page (Sales, Contract, Boarding) or we can work together to develop an integrated payments gateway to automate the enrollment process.
  • Build your Brand: We can market the program using your brand "ABC Merchant Services" including a web presence, landing pages, branded collateral, and custom telephone greeting at our inside sales call center.
  • Reciprocal Relationship: Our base exceeds 50,000 merchants, we can work together to help extend your product into our base business and to our customers.
  • State-of-the-Art Payment Products and Services: We offer a full range of payment products: Debit, Credit, ACH, Recurring Billing, Mobile Payments, Virtual Terminal, Gift Card, Loyalty Card, and Next Day Funding to eCommerce and brick and mortar customers.
  • Dedicated Marketing and Support: We will provide a dedicated, proactive Marketing team that can develop campaigns to your existing merchant base and provide trained and dedicated Sales support.
  • Streamlined Merchant Enrollment and Conversion Processes: We will provide a streamlined boarding process for your merchants and financial reporting throughout the sales cycle.

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